Online Guitar Lessons

Benefit from the support of an experienced and qualified guitar teacher at your service in the comfort of your home.

Online Guitar Lessons

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Guitar, piano, and ukulele lessons are available online at the Guitar Academy. To ensure you have an optimal experience, here are some tips to get prepare before your lesson. 

Better preparation


Better experience 

Better Learning 

More Fun!


  • The internet connection must be at least 30 megabits/sec. down  – 10 megabits/sec. up. The more powerful and stable the connection, the better the quality.
  • The platform used: it will depend on your teacher, but most often it is Skype or Zoom for windows or Facetime.
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and cell phones can work, but their processors are not powerful enough to transmit sound correctly.
  • A decent pair of headphones with a microphone or good speakers will allow you to hear the teacher well.
  • A second webcam can be very handy, but not essential.
  • A printer.


  • If possible, be alone and choose a quiet room such as a bedroom or an office. Avoid overly reverberating rooms such as the kitchen or living room, as this affects the quality of the sound picked up by your computer’s microphone.
  • The computer must be on a desk, facing the face and upper body, even higher and oriented downwards – You can activate the camera during installation in order to see your position.

Teaching materials and course content

  • Music lectern or a clean desk with your sheets, pencils, and eraser.
  • Although the professor prepares the material in advance as much as possible (finding music, sending scores via the Internet, finger notations), it’s not possible to prepare everything. A part of the time spent online will also be used to complete this material: score annotation,  another scan, video / audio recording.
  • You can record the course via the platform recording functions or with a screen recording software.

Schedule, cancellation/rescheduling

  • The course schedule is to be seen with the teacher assigned to you, depending on the availability indicated in the registration form.
  • Classes start and end according to the schedule. Please test your connections to the platforms beforehand.
  • If you need to cancel your online lesson, you must notify your teacher 24 hours in advance, otherwise, the course will be charge.

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