Beginner’s Guides for Guitar Lessons

Are you or your child beginning guitar lessons ? 

The first step is to pick the best instrument for your needs.


Types of Guitar: 


Classical Guitar

Cours de guitare classique à Montréal

The classical guitar is defined by its nylon strings, its softer sound, and its easier touch. This would be an excellent choice for children aged from 6 to 9. Reputed brands are Yamaha and La Patrie. Their prices vary between 100 and 300 dollars.

Acoustic Guitar

Cours de guitare accoustique à Montréal

The acoustic guitar is similar to the classical guitar but has metal strings. The tighter strings also give it a sharper sound. Some choice brands are Seagul, Simon & Patrick, and Norman. Prices are similar to the above from 100 to 300 dollars.

Electric Guitar

Cours de guitare électrique à Montréal

The strings of the electric guitar are also made of metal and the sound is transformed by an amplifier and a wire. Be aware that a minimum of $150 is needed to buy such a guitar, on top of $150 for the amp, and $15 for the cable. We recommend Yamaha, Fender Squier, or Godin.

 It is quite possible to begin  learning guitar on an electric instrument. It is simply a question of investment and preference.

Sizes : 

Each type of guitar has different sizes: 

Size 1/2: for children over 6 years old.

 Size 3/4: for children over 8 years old.

 Standard:  for 12 years old and up.

 The size of a guitar must be chosen accordingly to the height and the arm length of the player.

All guitar sizes are available at the Guitar Academy.
Contact us to try them during your first Information meeting !

Accessories : 

No matter what type of guitar you choose, you will need the following accessories.

Guitar Case

 Footstool (Classical Guitar only)

 Music stand for home rehearsing



Spare set of Strings

Rehearsing at home: 

Now that you are ready to begin guitar lessons, it is of the utmost importance that you rehearse at home to consolidate what you have learned during the lessons.

 Having a routine to rehearse at home  is the best way to progress.

 Your time table may be variable but it has to be quality time. A 20-minute practise with optimal focus will give more results than one hour with distractions or lack of concentration.

 For youngsters, the nearby presence of an adult is highly recommended.

 Once this routine is set, you will just have to follow your teacher’s instructions and you will be on your way to your goals.

And for you parents, to be up on your child’s Learning, we invite you to read our Blog:  » How to sustain your child in his/her daily practices when you are not a musician yourself ».

Hoping that these few recommendations will be useful for a great start.

Denis Poliquin

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